FAQs & Facts


What makes LDI different?
LDI isn’t a group of nameless, anonymous developers and property owners that only want to make a profit. Our members are from the London area. We genuinely care about the community’s future. After all, we live here too.
What does development do for London’s economy?
By developing space for expansion and new business, we make sure London stays vibrant, livable, and successful. Our members own millions of square feet of commercial office and industrial space and develop thousands of rental and residential properties in London each year.
We also provide more jobs in the development industry than any one company or organization, contributing directly to London’s economy.
How do developers decide where to build?
The Official Plan for the City of London guides growth and gives developers direction on how, where, and when the city can grow. Developers use this plan, their own experience, and their market knowledge to see an area’s potential. They determine the right project for the right space.
Developers then work with the City of London for project approval to ensure it’s the best fit for the people of London. The development plan will meet guidelines of the Official Plan and municipal and provincial regulations.
How do developers protect the environment?
Developers follow municipal and provincial regulations and guidelines for each step of the process, from finding land to construction to completion. We use forward-thinking practices and materials to create durable and efficient projects with lower impact on the environment.

We also work to sustain London’s green space by increasing the tree canopy.

Is London really growing?
London sees growth, but so do surrounding areas and other communities. To keep jobs and talented people, we need to develop space within London. Think about how multi-use buildings combine commercial and residential spaces. With careful planning, we can build more on a smaller footprint.
How can development revitalize downtown London?
We work with the City of London to target specific areas for revitalization. Our main goal is to see more people enjoying downtown London to improve the economy. Look within your city and you’ll see how development can make London stay vibrant.


Developers keep London affordable.

Home prices are rising. We work to build enough homes to meet housing demands so that prices stay reasonable. By providing adequate supply, we can help keep London affordable for everyone.

Developers care about London’s success.

Each project we plan helps London grow and stay vibrant. We want people to come to London—and we want them to stay in the city we love.

Developers care about the people who call London home.

Each project we plan helps London grow and stay vibrant.

Developers help London grow.

We create spaces for new businesses to help London thrive.

Developers preserve London’s character.

We work to preserve heritage and design new buildings to work with the existing landscape and architecture. We work to add to London to create new possibilities.