FAQs & Facts


What makes LDI different?
Our members are London based, they live here, they are leading job creators and they are major contributors to the philanthropic needs of our City. Our goal, working with our partners in local government and the community, is to build a better London. They truly care about London.
What does development do for London’s economy?
By developing residential, commercial or industrial properties our industry is providing opportunities for people and businesses to live, grow and thrive in London for years to come. Development allows for a vibrant quality of life to allow all Londoners to achieve their personal and professional goals. Our industry is not only one of the largest direct employers in our City, it also creates 1000’s of indirect jobs in London’s economy. Development allows families to stay and grow in London. Development allows for business to start and thrive in our community. Our industry is the gateway to opportunity.
How do developers decide where to build?
The Official Plan for the City of London guides growth and gives developers direction on how, where, and when the city can grow. Developers use this plan, their own experience, and their market knowledge to see an area’s potential. They determine the right project for the right space.
Developers then work with the City of London for project approval to ensure it’s the best fit for the people of London. The development plan will meet guidelines of the Official Plan and municipal and provincial regulations.
How do developers protect the environment?
Developers follow municipal and provincial regulations and guidelines for each step of the process, from finding land to construction to completion. We use forward-thinking practices and materials to create durable and efficient projects with lower impact on the environment.

Some examples of our industry’s commitment to the environment includes the provision of new park space, additional tree canopy and protection of environmentally sensitive areas during construction. All with the goal to sustain and enhance the natural environment of London.

Why does growth matter?
London sees growth, but so do surrounding areas and other communities. To provide homes for London’s next generation,  to attract needed new Canadians,  to provide a wide range of employment opportunities, keep living in London affordable and provide the resources to assist those who need a helping hand in our community we need growth. With careful planning, improved approval processes that works for all stakeholders and close attention to the competitive market of surrounding communities London can grow sustainably and efficiently to support a caring, affordable and an opportunity driven community for decades to come.
How can development revitalize different parts of the city?

The London Plan, the City’s Official Plan, encourages redevelopment and intensification in a number of parts of the City, including downtown and along the rapid transit routes. The Plan also encourages redevelopment within the current built area of the City. Our industry works with the City to realize this vision of revitalization with a focus on bringing residential and commercial development to the downtown core. We are also working on the redevelopment opportunities along the rapid transit routes that will provide individuals and families an opportunity to live near our modern City conveniences.


Developers keep London affordable.

Home prices are rising. We work to build enough homes to meet housing demands so that prices stay reasonable. By providing adequate supply, we can help keep London affordable for everyone.

Developers care about London’s success.

Each project we plan helps London grow and stay vibrant. We want people to come to London—and we want them to stay in the city we love.

Developers care about the people who call London home.

Each project we plan helps London grow and stay vibrant.

Developers help London grow.

We create spaces for new people and businesses to help London thrive.

Developers preserve London’s character.

We work to preserve heritage and design new buildings to work with the existing environment, landscape and architecture. We work to add to London to create new possibilities.
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