What is a developer?

A developer has a vision for property, whether to build something new or convert an existing building. LDI members use their experience and talent to bring out new possibilities in London with residential, commercial, or industrial projects.

We work to meet targets set by the City of London to keep up with anticipated growth. Using forecasts and projections, we know what needs to be built to satisfy the needs of the people. Developers start new projects so London can grow.

What is the development process in London?

The development process in London is necessary to help the city succeed. It needs to balance the interests of property owners and developers with the interests of the whole community. Good planning helps us all.

What impact does development have on London?

Development has made London one of Canada’s most livable cities. Exciting new developments are coming in the form of major businesses like IKEA or in new residential neighbourhoods. Thanks to careful planning and development, it’s a great place to call home.

How does LDI make London affordable?

Making sure all Londoners have a choice about where to live is important. As developers, we work with the City of London and city planners to match supply with demand. By building different types of dwellings—detached homes, townhouses or apartment buildings—we can make sure London has options. Developers make affordable homes possible.

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